Thursday, March 12, 2009


So how many AFSS briefers are there? ....oops...

Yesterday we posted about our estimate on how many specialists are left in the AFSS system, and our confidence in the number; 675, give or take. After further review (so they say) we must retract that number. We are confident in the information we have, but quickly came to understand there was information we lacked. As such we now know that number is low, and should be at least 710. We apologize for ‘jumping the gun’ on our findings as will try to ascertain a more accurate number.

The rest of our opinion stands, however; the flying public is not getting what they bargained for in this contract.

Equal or better service....yea right.
it happens all around the world...
But local knowledge is still important! Most of the real local knowledge for the FP areas for the closures are gone. That knowledge and experience, never to return.
Not enough, come summer!!!
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Closures are immenent.

Still going down to five stations by February. Few will be offered jobs at DC, Prescott, or Fort Worth. They have to close facilities to get out of rehiring people those fired back in January.
10/8/09..just found your web site, wish there was a better way to get info to the pilots and AFSS personnel.

It is nearly impossible to find out what is really going on. I think your estimate of AFSS is well in the ball park, and rumor has it that over a hundred personnel will soon be picked up by the FAA. How's that for planning...doesn't Lockheed still get paid for the 1000 personnel or whatever the contract calls matter how many people they have.

Whatever happened to the rumor of the Obama admin stating fss is inherently a governmental function...did someone really say it? if so what will happen down the line...
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Totally agree there isn't enough when it gets really busy
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