Monday, March 05, 2007


The Rock of Ages?

We're all aware of the FAA's move to allow older pilots in airline cockpits. Air Traffic Controllers are correct to ask why they shouldn't be included. The FAA response so far has been that while the FAA is allowed by statute to set the forced retirement age for pilots, changing controller age would take an act of Congress.

Perhaps adding fuel to the argument for a higher retirement age is this report showing that older pilots perform better due to their experience. Now we're well aware of the 'battling study' syndrome when it comes to deciding any given issue, but we haven't seen a recent equivalent study showing justification for forcing controller retirement at 55.

But it's our thought that the FAA wants to remove older, more 'expensive' controllers in favor of younger, cheaper ones. They're not about to push for a higher retirement age. We'll see what NATCA does with this issue, and how Congress responds.

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