Thursday, March 12, 2009


So how many AFSS briefers are there? ....oops...

Yesterday we posted about our estimate on how many specialists are left in the AFSS system, and our confidence in the number; 675, give or take. After further review (so they say) we must retract that number. We are confident in the information we have, but quickly came to understand there was information we lacked. As such we now know that number is low, and should be at least 710. We apologize for ‘jumping the gun’ on our findings as will try to ascertain a more accurate number.

The rest of our opinion stands, however; the flying public is not getting what they bargained for in this contract.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So how many AFSS briefers are there?

675. Give or take a few.

This does not include specialists who may be in initial training or on extended medical leave.

Lockheed Martin has treated the number of specialists they have on hand almost like a closely guarded secret. But there are a variety of ways to find out and we used one of them. While we are open to the possibility of an error in information we are fairly confident of our conclusion and would take this number with only a small grain of salt.

Let’s say that we’re fairly accurate here. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. When Lockheed Martin first won the contract it was for 1000 briefers. Since this was higher than the Government’s in-house bid of 940, then-AOPA President Boyle used it as a major reason in favor of the LM award.

But now instead of being 60 specialists below the original Lockheed bid, Flight Service is populated at 325 below anticipated staffing.

Oh. Remember also that when the contract was awarded there were approximately 2200 specialists on staff.

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